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Do You Really "Love Somebody" Chants Chad B Feat. Rockstar Ham


It can be really hard to let someone in and build a foundation of trust. Chad B doesn't let many into his inner circle, but this new feature from Rockstar Ham is a great addition to his heartfelt raps. Speaking on the issues around a variety of relationships, Love Somebody is a feel good track right in time for cuffing season. When you find that teammate who can blend and balance the quest to power is highly attractive. Listen to the melodic production of The LX and David Rush while watching the official video directed by Chris Andrade and DJ Daniverse below. Also be sure to cop you own pair of Chad's first pair of sneakers. The Desiderata CB6 is breathable, comfortable, and made with quality material to give you a superior look. Available here, the sneaker comes in blue, black, and white.

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