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Duff McKagan Delivers Raw Emotion In "Tenderness Live From Los Angeles" Double Album

Written By: Big C


In Tenderness Live From Los Angeles, Duff McKagan celebrates the five-year anniversary of his acclaimed second solo album with a captivating double-live collection. Recorded at Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre just days after the album's release, the set features McKagan's own songs alongside deeply personal cover versions. Backed by Shooter Jennings and his band, McKagan delivers an intimate journey through his catalog, showcasing his talent as a songwriter and performer. According to McKagan:

It was such a complete pleasure and honor to be able to work with Shooter Jennings and his stellar band. This live recording from the El Rey in Los Angeles showcases not only the songs on the record, but some cover songs we started to fold into the live set as we toured.

Shooter Jennings reflects on the experience, stating:

I remember leaving the stage feeling like we had done something really special.

The collaboration between McKagan and Shooter Jennings brings a new dimension to the live recordings, infusing McKagan's songs with Americana-fueled arrangements and heartfelt performances. Fans can look forward to McKagan's upcoming EU/UK tour, celebrating the release of "Tenderness Live From Los Angeles." Experience the raw emotion and captivating storytelling of Duff McKagan's live performances by pre-ordering the album now. Take a look at River Of Deceit below and connect with McKagan on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

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