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Dusk To Dawn Coming Soon! Canadian Rapper Boslen Unveils "Quartz" Feat. Charmaine

Photo Credit: Cameron Corrado

The music coming from Vancouver is shaping the culture shock of musical interpretations. Boslen takes his alternative spin on hip hop and mashes with Zimbabwe born rapper Charmaine in the single Quartz. As fans wait for the upcoming album Dusk to Dawn, the teasing of releases is beginning to build anticipation. What makes Bolsen stand out is his ability to capture a variety of genres while messing with today's influence. Bolsen had to say:

QUARTZ is built on an aggressive rhythm. It’s one of my best flows. Charmaine and I let loose and this song bridges the gap between Toronto and Vancouver’s music scene.

Producers Justsaying, Stooopd Lou, and Dalton team up to create a playful beat which Bolsen can excel his vibrant word play. Charmaine take the R&B vocals and provides an energetic feel to the backdrop. Using the approach of collaborating with local artist with universal lyrics, Bolsen is aiming to bridge the gap within artist in Canada. Get connected with the rising international superstar by following him on Instagram and Twitter. Still no confirmed release date to the project but stream the single here and listen to the official audio below.

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