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Embrace Peace With Osmunda Music's "Be Welcome"

Written By: Big C


Osmunda Music, led by visionary artist Rebecca Trujillo Vest, announces the release of Be Welcome. This powerful anthem underscores the embrace of diversity in all its forms and encourages everyone to find and be their authentic selves. With its compassionate and graceful sonic atmosphere, "Be Welcome" is a soothing, positive track that sets the tone for the upcoming album Heartful Of Peace. As the driving force behind Osmunda Music, Rebecca channels her diverse experiences and philanthropic spirit into crafting music that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. The song can be used in various settings such as schools, community centers, preschools, and childcare centers to create a welcoming and positive environment. Rebecca says:

Heartful of Peace is more than just an album or a curriculum; it’s a movement towards a more connected, mindful, and peaceful world.

Abby Wills, a collaborator on the project added:

We hope educators and caregivers feel invited to join this practice, fostering joy, well-being, and community in their classrooms and beyond.

Rebecca is a prolific music creator, producer, and community activist. Where music became her refuge and inspiration, her rich blend of influences spans across world music, new age, pop, folk, rock, Americana, and children’s music. Wills, co-founder of Shanti Generation, brings over two decades of experience integrating healing-centered contemplative practices into diverse educational settings. Her work focuses on mindful life skills, social-emotional learning, and liberatory practices. Rebecca’s unwavering dedication to social causes led to the founding of the Pandion Music Foundation (PMF) in 2022, alongside artists Jordan Stobbe and Carls Woolf. Join the movement worldwide and keep up with Osmunda Music on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (X), and Soundcloud. Stream your here and watch the official video below.

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