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Ex-NFLer Jay 'Finesse' Ajayi Drops Debut Rap Single, Hoping For Future Collab W/ Travis Scott

Source: TMZ


Former Super Bowl champion Jay Ajayi has traded in his cleats for a mic -- officially entering the music game with a debut rap single this week -- and he's hoping the response to the tunes is so good, it'll lead to a future collab with Travis Scott.

The ex-Philadelphia Eagles star first got into the booth full-time following his retirement from the NFL in 2022 -- rapping under the pseudonym "Finesse" -- and on Tuesday, he released his first single, "PEAK."

The former running back tells TMZ Sports he's taking the new career very seriously ... with the goal of featuring "some trap, south side beats, heavy 808s, and just a lot of vibes" on his tracks.

"I like to take the listener on a journey when they listen to the music," Finesse said. "It's an experience."

The London native -- who made one Pro Bowl in his six-year NFL career -- says he wants it to get so big that one day he could work with Scott -- as they both share some ties to Texas. He also said he wouldn't mind working in the future with Mike Dean, a producer and songwriter who's collaborated with A-listers like Scott, Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, The Weeknd and more.

Ajayi tells us a Grammy is not necessarily his goal -- but rather he simply wants to establish a true connection with fans.

"The biggest validation of the music is people messin' with the music, people listening to the music, people consuming the music," Finesse said.

"For me ... to sell a show out and have the whole stadium singing the music or jumpin', that kinda feeling I think shows what you're doing is connecting."

Check out the music video for the new track ... seems Ajayi's off to a great start in accomplishing those goals.

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