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Flavor Flav Orders Entire Red Lobster Menu Amid Bankruptcy, In Talks With Chain

Source: TMZ


Flavor Flav's not letting Red Lobster get lost at sea without a fight ... 'cause he's spending his hard-earned bucks mukbangin' their entire menu -- all in an effort to save 'em.

The Public Enemy MC made good on his promise to help the drowning seafood chain after it recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy -- posting a pic inside one of the restaurants (that's still open) where he ordered every last nibble they had left.

Flav's team tells us he and his daughter had a grand time fine dining on RL and nearly finished the entire spread ... returning home with only two boxes, which angered his son. 😂

We're told Flav is returning with his son later today but is also scheduled to have a convo with RL ... they reached out and could potentially collaborate sooner than later. So, in other words ... there may be a potential partnership afoot here!

Of course, it'll take many more than just a Flavor Flav collab to truly pull 'em out of the bowels of bankruptcy -- and even customers like FF eating up all their food won't help too much at this point ... still though, it's certainly a nice gesture from Flav, that much is true.

Funny enough ... saving the day is Flav's M.O. as of late -- remember, he's the official sponsor for the Women's Olympic water polo team as they embark on their gold medal journey to Paris this summer, and he made a splash in that world.

Now, we'll see if he can do the same for Red Lobster ... probably not, but hey -- who knows!

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