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FLETCHER's Brand New Single "Suckerpunch" Is Out Now!

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Carlos de la Reina

Girl Of My Dreams is set to be released on November 18th. Until then, temptress FLETCHER unveils a visual cut from the deluxe project entitled Suckerpunch. The track fully embodies the one-of-a-kind balance of vulnerability and punch that makes FLETCHER’s music so addictive. With its driving rhythms and dreamy guitar tones of hit-makers Riley and Connor McDonough, FLETCHER details the pure rush of instant infatuation by depicting a first date back in 2016. Built on an effortlessly commanding vocal performance, the bright and airy track finds its momentum into the album release. Pre-order your copy of the album here and keep up with FLETCHER on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Watch the official video below.

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