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Galvin James Has Bigger Dreams In "Boxes"


We all come from different backgrounds and ultimately which makes us that much similar. While daydreaming of a life better then now, Galvin James is focused on taking the bad decisions and refocusing on his growth. Strumming his guitar and enjoying the simplicity of life comes the brand new single entitled Boxes. Galvin says:

The message of the song is to not listen to anybody. Just listen to yourself and follow your dream. I went to an all-boys school in Dublin where if you wore the wrong shoes, you had to walk around in slippers all day. I was a bit mad at school, I wouldn’t even try a little bit. For years I had people saying I couldn’t do anything, that it was too hard to make it in music, I shouldn’t try.

Serban Ghenea continues to produce feel good music with a driving force production. Also collaborating on the production side is Fred Gibson, Sam Tsang, and Ollie Green. If you feel like people are saying you can't do it, then follow Galvin on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube. Fit in with Galvin in the official audio below.

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