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Get A Sexual "Bitter" Taste Of Fletcher Feat. Trevor Daniel


Sex can change the way your bodies chemicals react. While pleasure can be shared, Fletcher says the lack of attachment can leave one feeling Bitter. Fletcher brings her own reality to life with in the single after firsthand dealing with a break up. Her passion for intense connection is cut short when Trevor Daniel experience the same emotional roller coaster with a lady in red. Fletcher said:

Trevor and I slid into each other’s dms about being fans of one another. He’s such a visionary artist and I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him. Trevor was able to bring a whole new perspective to the song and I guess we’re both still ‘Bitter’ about our exes. Throughout the video I wanted to explore the themes of masculine and feminine energy in terms of self-discovery. It is about the fear of knowing you need to go out and explore the world and your relationship with yourself, but being afraid that your person will find somebody new in the process. I’ve never understood the saying ‘if you love something, let it go’ until now. That’s life though. It’s petty, it’s ‘Bitter,’ it’s true and sometimes the truth has to hurt.

The S(EX) Tape is out now and you can stream here. Adding her own visual edge for the LBGT+ community, director Brooke James captures the stake out taking place. As Fletcher is driven by here own sexual tension, watching lovers creates this unpleasant aftermath. Kito's production only intensifies with each sexual moan. Get your copy of the track here and watch the sensual official video below.

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