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"(I Hope You) Miss Me" Says Joseph Black

Photo Credit: Daniel Weiser

Relationships rarely end positive for both sides. Overcoming a breakup is the brand new single by Joseph Black entitled (I Hope You) Miss Me. Raised in Minnesota, the upcoming artists looks to influences like Eminem and Lil Wayne early struggle to help guide him within the music industry. Joseph says:

I was kind of mid anxiety attack when I recorded my vocals for “(i hope you) miss me." I missed her & I wanted her to feel the pain I was going through. Recording was my only way of turning my negative situation into something positive.

In a World Star Hip Hop premiere, Joseph reconnects with a past romance to let out some brutal but honesty. From his chaotic upbringing fans can expect a connect through hardship and triumphing through a situation. Stay connected with Joseph on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and SoundCloud. Watch the official video below.

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