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Join The Movement With Tee Grizzley In "Mr. Officer" With Queen Naija & The Detroit Youth Choir


Visit today to voice an opinion or donate to movements impacting the nation. Tee Grizzley isn't shy about being a relatable experience with his music. Growing up on the streets of Michigan, struggle and discrimination has shaped the temperament heard within his lyrics. Teaming up with his community, the new track Mr. Officer features stunning vocals from Queen Naija and members of The Detroit Youth Choir. Grizzley had to say:

I got a million experiences I can touch on in my music, but I couldn’t make another song without speaking on what’s going on 💔 I’m not a politician or activist but right now it’s everybody’s job to speak up because the pain, the struggle for equality and the brutality is real. ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽

The will of the people is changing and we are starting to see our brothers and sister speak out. Where the lives wont be replace, the pain is still felt within cities like Detriot. Get your own copy of the single available on all platforms here. Take a listen to the official audio below.

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