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Katy Perry Has A "Smile" On With New Album Coming!


What makes this upcoming album an anticipation is because every song thus far has been enjoyable and uplifting from Katy Perry. Each release these past couple of months have out done the previous single. Her latest track Smile brings a feel good bounce to push fans toward inspiration. Katy has been non stop and even brings fans merchandise paired with each single. Katy says:

I wrote this song when I was coming through one of the darkest periods of my life. When I listen to it now, it’s a great reminder that I made it through. It’s three minutes of energizing hopefulness.

If you are looking to get merch you can get it here. She has designs for each of the singles Daisies, the Gold-certified Never Really Over and Harleys In Hawaii. Be sure to get your pre-orders ready for the project coming August 14 available here. Listen to the story of how a setback can become a blessings in disguise in the official video below.

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