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Lil Jon Releasing Guided Meditation Album

Source: TMZ


Lil Jon's finally answering his own age-old question ... turn down for what? Try meditation, because -- strange as it sounds -- he's got a new album on the way that's way more relaxing than his crunk sound.

Music industry sources tell TMZ ... Lil Jon's recorded a guided meditation album, and while that doesn't seem in line with his trademark yelling of words like, "Yeah!" or "Whaaat?" -- it's in line with his personal life.

We're told Jon's been making fitness and wellness a big priority in his life for a while now, focusing especially on his health ... and his decision to record a meditation album is a direct byproduct.

While this will catch a lot of folks off guard -- especially those who still vibe to crunk classics like "Turn Down For What" and "Get Low" -- our sources say the album is "truthful" to who Jon's become these days, and it makes sense for him.

Basically, it sounds like he's combining his 2 passions ... wellness and music.

We're told Lil Jon's 10-track project is scheduled to drop Feb. 16, and that date doesn't sound coincidental.

As you know, Usher's performing the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 11 -- and Jon's widely rumored, if not flat out expected, to join him onstage for their smash hit, "Yeah!"

While no one's confirming his halftime cameo ... the fact Lil Jon's releasing his meditation album that same week, seems like a big clue.

Namaste tuned!

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