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Lola Young Releases "Renaissance" & Single "Pick Me Up"

Photo Credits: Francis Plummer

It can be hard to forget the past. Lola Young is a soulful artist who puts her heart on the line. Filled with heart felt productions flows, recently Lola released an EP entitled Renaissance. As a follow up fans are given a chanting song called Pick Me Up. Lola relays lyrics like:

I'll look straight in your eyes babe I wear your coat when it’s cold babe, it still smells like your la la la la lies babe

You won't be let down by the EP, however there is an emotional connection you can relate with Lola. Teaming up with Capitol Records has proven to be a relationship she can handle. Take a listen to the poetic heartbreak in the audio below. Also be sure to follow Lola on Instagram and Facebook.

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