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Love Sick Fletcher Says "Lead Me On"

Written By: Big C


In Search Of The Antidote is set to be released on March 22! After a brief hiatus to deal with a sickness, Fletcher is bringing fans a dose of brand new music. Lead Me On is a gut punching video directed by Alexandre Moors, where Fletcher battles the beauty and pain which love poison us with. Fletcher taps into her emotions of tender longing and bold unstoppable energy for this track. Fletcher mentioned:

For some people ‘Lead Me On’ might sound like a breakup song, where I’m telling someone that I’ll take whatever crumbs I can get from them. Or it might sound like a song where I’m speaking to a better, healthier version of me that exists in the future. It’s a version that’s a higher self in some way, and I’m connecting with her through these little moments of clarity or intuition and asking her to keep guiding me down that path. All the songs on this album were written on multiple levels, and they exist in many dimensions at one time.

Hitmakers Aldae, Jon Bellion, Monsters & Strangerz, and Michael Pollack all collaborated to bring this single to life. Fletcher continues to showcase her songwriting ability and is one track away from being a household name. Get your fix and pre-order the upcoming album and download the single here now! Take a look at the intricacies found in this video and let us know your thoughts below. Be sure to follow Fletcher on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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