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Michael Rainey Jr. Says He Was Blindsided By 'Power: II' Cancellation

Source: TMZ


50 Cent and Starz are putting "Power Book II: Ghost" in its final resting place after its fourth season ... apparently news to the cast of the hit series ... as they seem to have found out the same time as the rest of the fans.

Michael Rainey Jr., who stars as Tariq in the series, piled on to one of the staff writer's criticisms that the network had been faking the funk on progressing the show; pretending to hear their pitches when they knew the writing was on the wall.

The posts on social didn't blow off all his steam and Mike later hopped on IG Live to assure fans that he and his trusty costar Gianni Paolo will ride along once again in future projects they're both penning together.

Fans were livid with confusion but it's a good chance a recent interview with Starz CEO Jeff Hirsch will answer everyone's questions.

According to Hirsch, production costs for series typically go up come Seasons 3 and 4 -- plus, they have to deal with actor salary raises ... and it would appear that might not have been in the budget long-term for this show.

The network also ordered up a pair of 'Power' prequel spinoffs this week, making "Power: II" even more expendable.

At least 50's TV fans still have "BMF"!!!

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