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Nicki Minaj Pushes 'Pink Friday 2' Back After Lil Wayne Announces Same Date

Source: TMZ


Nicki Minaj has moved the release date for her "Pink Friday 2" album once again to a day she's certain will keep her safe from Barbz backlash ... her birthday!!!

The "Barbie World" rapper made the announcement Tuesday night on IG Live with the help of Funny Marco and Kai Cenat.

Nicki recently told fans November 17 was set in stone for her "PF2" release -- the same date Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz just announced their "Collegrove 2" collab to arrive.

She assured fans Wayne wasn't intentionally knocking her out of the box and later told Kai that her label was unable to receive the vinyl copies in time for November 17 and December 8 was the perfect alternative.

The long rollout for "PF2" continues. "Super Freaky Girl," the album's first single, went No. 1 on the charts after debuting back in August 2022!!!

Nicki's tour announcement will now come on the OG Nov. 17 date.

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