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Polo G 'Hood Poet' Album Coming In August, Doesn't Want To String Along Fans

Source: TMZ


Polo G is feeling optimistic about 2024, especially if this leap year can boost the 2 things he cares about most -- making money and finally getting his delayed album off the ground!!!

We recently caught up with Polo in Bev Hills while he was doing some shopping with his sister Leia, and he made a vow to pad his discography by dropping more music.

Fans were eager for Polo G to drop last September, and he had told us he was just as excited, but legal issues put his "Hood Poet" album release on ice ... the kind that's slow to melt.

TMZ Hip Hop broke the story ... Polo and his brother Trench Baby were arrested in August 2023 following a police raid where Polo was charged with gun possession, and his bro is being accused of a drive-by murder.

Polo tells us he's still sticking with the "Hood Poet" title -- the single "Barely Holdin' On" was used as a charitable vessel for the music video's actors.

Barring any major changes, Polo says the project's coming in August '24 -- can't keep playing with the fans' emotions!!!

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