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Rae Isla Unveils New Single "New Frontier" From Upcoming Album

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Feli Gutiérres

Singer-songwriter Rae Isla has just released the title track from her forthcoming album, New Frontier, set to arrive on July 19. This single, which emerged from a period of deep emotion and creativity, showcases Isla's ability to transform personal experiences into compelling music. Produced in collaboration with guitarist/composer Pablo Valero, "New Frontier" highlights Isla's unique blend of folk and rock, pushing the boundaries of traditional genres. Isla explains:

My new album almost wasn’t called ‘New Frontier’ because New Frontier wasn’t written until far into the recording process. It was a Hail Mary that came out of desperation and extreme grief. I don’t think my songs are about one ‘thing’ because they usually arrive out of necessity from feelings that have built up over many life events. When it all came to a head, the song exploded from me like an oil well out of There Will Be Blood. It was a stream of consciousness writing with piano and voice into my little laptop, a stark contrast between what we created in the studio. It's the album's 'Pink Floyd moment' where myself, Pablo Valero, and a group of some of Mexico's finest musicians got to explore the outer limits of what a folk-rock record can be.

The album's production features the expertise of Pablo Valero, known for his work with Mexico City’s Santa Sabina. The unique style and collaborative effort bring a fresh perspective to Isla’s music. To celebrate the release, Isla has updated her original browser game to include the new track and additional challenges, providing an interactive experience for her fans here. Upcoming events include her performance at the Americana West Music Festival in Los Angeles and a release party in Seattle. Listen to "New Frontier" below and immerse yourself in Rae Isla's latest musical journey on  INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE.

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