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Rick Ross' Car Show Blasted Online, People Demand Refunds

Source: TMZ


Rick Ross' Car & Bike Show didn't go as well as planned, it seems ... 'cause a ton of people online are blasting the event's organization -- and demanding refunds.

The rapper's annual car and bike show took place yesterday in Fayetteville, Georgia, and -- from pics Rick posted -- it seems like the event went off without a hitch. Lots of smiling, hugging and laughing with one of the biggest names in hip hop.

But, fans on social media are telling a totally different story ... claiming the car show totally ran them over!

Check out the comments on Rick's recent social media post ... people are slamming the rapper's event for numerous reasons -- including a lack of shuttles, insane wait times to get in and claims the event even ran out of wristbands to get in, so some people who bought a ticket say they didn't get in.

Apparently, some say the experience was so bad, they're demanding refunds ... saying they've tried to get their cash back from event organizers, but no luck so far.

To be fair ... video from inside the event -- hosted on Rick's estate -- looks hella fun, with tons of vintage cars and amazing performances on the massive stage. So, it seems not everyone who bought a ticket's pissed at Rick.

But, that'll do little to quell frustrations of haters online.

We've reached out to Rick's team and event organizers, so far no word back.

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