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Rosemarie & Roddy Ricch Share Their Perspective On "Is It Real"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Nick Walker

Rosemarie has a background in combining beauty and power within music. Teaming up with Roddy Ricch, the emotional dynamic of a breaking heart will have you questioning Is It Real. Directed by Ashley Kember, the music video intrigues as it evolves — showcasing the pair in a sprawling Los Angeles home trading verse for verse of their love story… or did they? Speaking on the meaning behind the song, Rosie shares:

The making of “Is It Real” with Roddy was a special and serendipitous experience. Our artistry as individuals is boundless — and to me, this song is a beautiful intersection of them both. Collaborating with such a giant who I am inspired by, definitely made me want to push my pen, creativity and vocal production further…and I’m extremely proud of what we made.

Rosemarie’s strength in storytelling and melody work while Roddy’s impassioned vocal work rounds out the song. The collaborative effort appears on Rosemarie’s simultaneous release of Rock Paper Scissors Recut. The deluxe release of the 12 track album is available this Friday. Make sure to follow Rosemarie on Instagram, X, TikTok, and YouTube. Watch the story unfold in the official video below.

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