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Rubi Rose Meets Man Who Spent $62K On Her OnlyFans Page

Source: TMZ


Rubi Rose may have just found the perfect man ... to fuel her bank account, after running into the dude who's been dropping the biggest bags on her OnlyFans account!!!

The "He In His Feelings" rapper posted a pic of herself Friday with a man she dubbed as her "#1 spender" on OF.

The man never bothered with creating an OnlyFans username but he describes himself as a "crypto whale" on his profile page and obviously has a lot of coins to spend on Rubi.

His account says he's dropped $62,321.70 on Rubi's page to date and his facial expression says he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

Rubi's dropped several records in the past couple of years but none of them have found their way on any charts just yet.

Sometimes it's better to stick with the career that's paying you!!!

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