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Sigma Raises The Summertime In "High On You" Feat. John Newman

Photo Credit: Jordan Hare

It's hard to remain socially distance as the summertime approaches rapidly. Having been apart for so long when the emotions and energy get together expect. High On You comes at the perfect time for an anthem to set the mood right. Super producers Sigma build a driving beat while John Newman tears apart the vocals. Sigma had to say:

’High On You’ lyrically is about relationships, love, meeting someone that gives you that high feeling. Just being around that particular person lifts your mood no matter what the circumstances. It’s a feel-good tune, with a positive message behind it and a positive interpretation on love and relationship a.k.a it’s not a heartbreak ballad! We’ve wanted to work with John for ages and we’re huge fans of his vocals and previous work, so was great to finally get the opportunity. We jumped in the studio, wrote a few songs and this came out as being an overall favorite.

You can definitely feel the excitement in this brand new track! Released with the help of Astralwerks and 3 Beat, the drum and bass scene has never been the same since Sigma stepped in to the booth. Stay connected with the UK artists and follow them on . Download your copy of the single here and stream the official audio below.

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