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Snoop Dogg Biz Partner Harry-O Dismisses Suge Knight, Talks New Death Row Projects

Source: TMZ


Suge Knight has questioned the legitimacy of losing his Death Row Records ownership since Snoop Dogg acquired it -- but the label's co-owner says that's far from factual ... as they push the mighty DR into the next millennium!!!

Michael “Harry-O” Harris tells us Snoop's purchase of the label is as legit as it gets, and while he admits he's leery of having discussions about Suge ... he still feels the incarcerated ex-mogul is steaming with hot air!!!

Harry-O has been involved with Death Row for some time now, but a beef between Suge and him quickly boiled over ... leaving both men at the helm during times while the other sat in prison.

Harris was pardoned on Donald Trump's last day as President and immediately got to work with Snoop, re-releasing the label's catalog onto streaming services, and dismissing Suge's commentary. As he put it, the loudest in the room isn't always the correct one.

Now that he and Snoop are in control, Harry-O says Death Row is back on its regular scheduled program -- movies, reggaeton, Afrobeats and more -- and they're coming for the entire doggy caboodle!!!

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