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Soar To New Heights With The Crane Wives Fifth Studio Album "Beyond Beyond Beyond"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Hwa-JeenNa

Indie rock luminaries The Crane Wives unveil their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Beyond Beyond Beyond, set to release on September 6. Known for their expressive lyricism and harmonious folk-rock, the Grand Rapids-based band delivers an electrifying new chapter which promises to captivate listeners. Their latest single, Arcturus Beaming, offers a taste of the transformative journey that awaits fans, blending ethereal melodies with touching introspection. “Arcturus Beaming” heralds a period of self-discovery and growth for the band, with lead vocalist Kate Pillsbury sharing:

‘Arcturus Beaming’ is about holding grief and gratitude simultaneously as I have stumbled forward through the pain.

The track's empowering message is perfectly captured in the accompanying lyric video, which visualizes the song's journey through striking imagery and soulful performance.

Collaborating closely, The Crane Wives have pushed their creative boundaries on this album. Self-produced and engineered by bassist Ben Zito, "Beyond Beyond Beyond" features the dynamic contributions of drummer Dan Rickabus and vocalists/guitarists Kate Pillsbury and Emilee Petersmark. Guest musicians Samantha Cooper (violin) and Jordan Hamilton (cello) add rich layers to the band's evolving sound. This summer, they embark on a North American tour, starting tomorrow in Milwaukee, WI. Tickets are available now here and pre-order you own copy here. Let us know your thoughts on the official lyrical video below, and follow The Crane Wives on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter/X, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

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