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Stonebwoy's Sensual Summer Anthem "Your Body" Sets The Dancehall Aglow

Written By: Big C


Hello international neighbors! Stonebwoy, the Grammy-nominated Afro-Dancehall sensation, returns with his latest single Your Body, blending Afrobeats and dancehall into a seductive summer anthem. Known for his dynamic fusion of genres and captivating stage presence, Stonebwoy brings forth irresistible rhythms and provocative lyrics that promise to dominate playlists worldwide this season. His music not only resonates across Africa but also commands respect in the Caribbean, bridging cultures through his distinctive sound and compelling narratives. As CNN noted:

Very few have propelled Ghana’s dancehall movement to greater heights than Stonebwoy.

Collaborating with Warner Music Group's ADA Worldwide underscores Stonebwoy's global impact and commitment to reaching broader audiences. Upcoming events include a performance at Daily Paper’s Dreadluxe during Paris Fashion Week and a set at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, promising electrifying experiences for fans worldwide. Experience the vibe firsthand later on this week for the official music video below. Stream your copy here and follow Stonebwoy on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

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