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Swim Surreal Releases New Single "Don't Call It Love"

Written By: Big C

Artwork Credit: Jo Binns

Swim Surreal has unveiled their latest single, Don't Call It Love, from their highly anticipated debut album In The Half Light. This track exemplifies Swim Surreal's unique blend of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, co-written and produced by the acclaimed duo Zero 7. The single is already generating buzz and sets the tone for what promises to be a compelling album. With the help of Make Records, this debut will be released on June 21st. Zero 7 shared:

We wrote 'Don't Call It Love' with Swim Surreal in 2013. We loved it and put out a 12" version on a white label. A few people heard it and said they liked it too. We were chuffed...Fast forward a lifetime or two... we kept in touch with our friend out on the West Coast and continued to bounce ideas back and forth. At some point, it dawned on us that the music we were making was a continuation of what had sparked with 'Don’t Call It Love.' When it came to putting the Swim Surreal album together, we felt we had to include this track. It was the seed of the project that we had unknowingly planted way back when.

Artwork Credit: Jo Binns

The single "Don't Call It Love" comes on the heels of Bloom, which has been added to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist, and The Crowd, a song that has received considerable airplay and praise from tastemaker radio stations across America. The collaboration with Zero 7 adds a rich, atmospheric quality to Swim Surreal's music, creating a sound that is both inviting and introspective. Be sure to listen to the official audio for "Don't Call It Love" below and immerse yourself in Swim Surreal's moving soundscapes. Pre Order the debut album here!

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