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Terrell Hines Says Do What Make You "Feel Good"


Music is the new version of medicine for Terrell Hines and his fans. Having worked on and releasing St. Mark Rd, Terrell revisits the EP to bring official visuals to the track entitled Feel Good. This project is in an attempt to reinvent the future with Terrell ability to create flows from a combination of genres. Using a rang of to falsetto over a piano back drop is a peaceful way to captivate listeners. Terrell told Flood Magazine:

Feel Good is a piece that explores the unknown through curated musical landscape. Really wanted to give the listener an auditory scene that reflects my emotions as an artist.

Adding producer Daylan Williams elongated rhythms and subtle drums to director Possum Hill translucid visual compliant Terrell's dissent style. Be sure to get your copy of the recent EP here. Also check out the official video below.

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