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The Chanting Continues In "Love Is Gone" By G-Eazy Feat. Drew Love & JAHMED


The air seems to be leaving the breath of the people. If you have a voice use it to speak for change. Love Is Gone is a battle cry for the injustice facing the ever changing dynamic of the world. G-Eazy seeks to shake up the minds from the project all the way to the privileged living in the hills. Featuring a heartfelt chorus and a pain filled verse from Drew Love and JAHMED, the rage of the #BlackLivesMatter movement is finding a platform for its voice. G Eazy says:

Shit, the world is in flames, We worry 'bout materials and the simplest things, When cops are killing people, then they can't take the blame, They get acquitted, then you wonder why all the people rage, stupid, We all keep praying for peace, praying for progress.

G-Eazy continues on to mention that while this song was written 3 years ago, nothing has change to figure out where the love has went. For the next month, G-Eazy will be donating ALL profits from merch sales to MBK Alliance, Campaign Zero, and Color of Change and has called on all artists to join him in donating what they can. Support the single here and view the official video below.

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