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Things Get A Little Freaky For Chris Webby & Justina Valentine In "Lights Out"

Updated: Oct 22, 2019


Every Wednesday it is Webby's World!

This underrated lyrical genius is breaded from Norwalk CT. Over a JP On Da Track beat, Chris Webby vocalizes with all around sensation Justina Valetine in new visual for Lights Out. Searching for a night on the town, Webby finds himself in a twisted sexual fantasy. Similar to the playboy mansion, you do not want to know what lies inside some of these rooms.

Featured on the singles is Justina Valentine, and she brings the same level of lyrical energy! I wouldn't want to get on Justine's bad side because she isgetting hardcore by bringing out the whips and chains. Do not torture yourself any longer and check out the official video below.

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