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Tom Brady, Jay-Z Drop Knowledge On NFL Rookies At Luncheon

Source: TMZ


Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and their fellow first-round draft picks might be pros now, but they ain't done learning -- soaking in some wise words from Tom Brady and Jay-Z at a luncheon over the weekend.

The Bears and Commanders top picks -- as well as Patriots quarterback Drake Maye, Giants receiver Malik Nabers, Raiders tight end Brock Bowers and Broncos quarterback Bo Nix -- attended the gathering held by Fanatics founder Michael Rubin ... and hopefully they were taking notes, 'cause TB12, Hov and the businessman shared some serious nuggets.

"When you have 53 guys on the team, you think it's about you -- it ain't about you, it's about us," Brady said during the lunch. "And the biggest problem I see with a lot of the young players today, you guys are making it too much about I and me because of social media, because of branding and all that. It's fine. You're not gonna win."

"There was a difference between being a star and being a champion."

Brady also talked about taking each practice and game like it were the Super Bowl ... so when a real championship opportunity comes along, it'll feel like a regular day.

Jay-Z added the tough moments are when people define themselves ... and the youngins should make a serious effort to keep growing and adapting.

As for Rubin, his message was all about being relentless ... and no matter what cards he was dealt, he didn't let it stop him from reaching his goals.

The rooks appeared to love every second of it ... and the group even posed for some pics together afterward.

Considering the trio is at the top of their respective games, we're sure these kids took a LOT of notes.

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