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Wu-Tang Clan 'Once Upon A Time In Shaolin' Album Being Offered For $1

Source: TMZ


Wu-Tang Clan's highly controversial time capsule album "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" is now being pushed for release in this lifetime -- a surprise expedition of its OG release date by almost 80 years!!!

PleasrDAO, the crypto company that spent $4.75 million to buy the secret Wu-Tang project from "pharma-bro" Martin Shkreli, is now letting the public slap a down payment on a digitized and encrypted version of the album for only $1!!!

The album is currently being hosted at the Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) in Tasmania. They also had Cali artist Hassan Rahim update the artwork after the first cover was subject to legal scrutiny.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained a copy of the sampler being offered ... the songs are a barrage of witty unpredictable lyricism with several Clan rappers popping up along the way on the Cilvaringz-produced album.

RZA can be heard flowing on several tracks, as are dynamic duo Raekwon and Ghost, who collaborate on a "Rainy Dayz" revamp from the iconic album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx."

Interludes reminiscent of the ones on "Cuban Linx" and GZA's "Liquid Swords" are also scattered on the sampler, in addition to a cameo from Redman, who raps on a track that sounds like a sequel to Wu-Tang's "Gravel Pit" jam.

Founding WTC member U-God a.k.a. Golden Arms told us a few years back there's even a feature from Cher stuffed on the spiraling double-LP ... each sale will influence a bump in the release date so we may know soon enough!!!

It was originally slated to be released on October 8, 2103 -- so, for fans of a certain age, this might be all they get to hear.

'Shaolin' has been openly played by Shkreli, a legal violation claims PleasrDAO, per the lawsuit the company filed earlier this week.

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