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YFN Lucci Off The Hook For ATL Murder Charge But Still Facing Prison Term

Source: TMZ


YFN Lucci is suddenly in the clear for the felony murder case he's been facing for nearly 3 years -- and, while he will be going to prison, his attorney believes it won't be for long.

On Tuesday morning, prosecutors dropped 12 of the 13 counts the rapper had been facing, including felony murder, for the death of James Adams ... who was killed during a shootout with a rival Atlanta gang back in December 2020.

Cops didn't suspect Lucci of pulling the trigger, but he was the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the shootout, and he eventually surrendered to cops in January 2021.

Lucci, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, pleaded guilty to one count of violating the street gang terrorism and prevention act ... and will have to do time for that. As part of the plea deal, he was hit with a 10-year sentence, plus 10 years probation.

He is getting credit for time served -- Lucci's been jailed awaiting his trial since the spring of 2021, when he violated his release on bond by going to a strip club.

However, his attorney Drew Findling believes his client will only be locked up for a few months. He tells TMZ, "As he has maintained for three years now, Mr. Bennett will NOT cooperate in any other case. By entering into this resolution, he will be eligible for parole in as early as four months from now. The prosecution has also agreed that he should be released early on parole and this will allow him to get back to his children, family and career."

Findling's math breaks down like this -- Lucci got 10 years, but he's eligible for parole after 40 months ... and since he's been locked up for about 36 months (that's the time served), he's predicting Lucci's release in 4 months, as long as he keeps his nose clean.

Lucci's case was about to go to trial -- jury selection had begun a couple of weeks ago -- but now he's gotten a pretty huge break in the 11th hour.

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