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Yo Gotti Doubles Down On Angela Simmons Being 'The One' For Him

Source: TMZ


Yo Gotti's romantic spark with Angela Simmons is burning brightly -- the Memphis rapper is ranking her numero uno at the top of his list.

TMZ Hip Hop found Gotti beaming with pride at iHeartRadio in NYC Tuesday where he expressed his thoughts, calling AS "The One."

Naturally, Gotti's signaling of Angela also doubles for promotion of his new single "The One" which follows the CMG couple across a tropical island getaway as they savor the moment.

The vid's reminiscent of a whirlwind honeymoon ... and Angela's got a birthday coming up next month, so the stakes to top the recent escapade are higher than ever.

Although Gotti was mum on his future with Angela, he seems intent on splurging on his darling, telling us he plans to give her the world.

Gotti famously pined for Angela on his 2016 hit "Down In the DM" and his fans are wowed by his persistence in landing his dream girlfriend ... and coincidentally, new video costar!!!

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