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You're "Gonna Find Out" How "Glorious" Kate Hudson Is!

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Guy Aroch

Today, marks another leg of the journey for multi-talented songwriter, singer, doyenne, and diva Kate Hudson with the release of the single Gonna Find Out. After spending the last year in the studio bringing an expression of 12 songs together, Kate feels the time well spent as Glorious. Independently recorded and realized, Kate worked on the latest album with Fujikawa, Carlsson and Perry to create a sound that manages to be both fresh and somehow familiar. Her deep love of music has been a driver in her life since childhood, which meant setting a very high bar for both execution and creating a project that reflects the woman she’s become. Due May 10th, Kate spoke on the album:

I wanted something that was sexy and delicious, vulnerable and strong, willing and fearless – and especially gloriously in love with the way life takes you on this journey if you’ll just show up and be open. I wanted songs that could reach across all that, and that is a lot to cover. I’d say it doesn’t seem real. But the truth is: this is realer to me than anything I’ve done in my entire life. It was always this, I just needed to get to a place where I was ready... and the songs got to the core of who I am.

The single brings a flirtatious attribute, while a back drop of energy echoes under playful vocals. For Kate Hudson this is a moment that’s a lifetime in the making. But it’s also her raison d’etre, long before anyone knew that she wrote, sang or delivered live with a band. A woman who understands the drama and nuance of eroticism, the quest for love and the need for human bonding, "Glorious" opens a dimension into how we face life and creates the kinds of songs that you can sing, dance or listen to after a long day when you just want someone to understand. Pre-order the album here and listen to the official audio by Kate Hudson below.

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