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Young Thug Attorney Brian Steel Arrested In Court For Refusing To Give Up Source

Updated: Jun 13

Source: TMZ


Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel followed in the footsteps of YSL Woody on Monday ... he was held in contempt and taken into custody in the middle of the trial.

Judge Ural Glanville and Steel engaged in a testy back-and-forth after the attorney -- based on information he claimed to have from a source -- accused the judge of having a secret conversation with prosecutors and Woody behind his back ... but then refused to give up his source for the accusation.

The whole thing turned into a clash of the legal titans ... and the judge ended up holding Steel in contempt for refusing to give up his source.

Last week, Woody -- real name Kenneth Copeland -- invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege to refuse testimony despite prosecutors giving him immunity ... and it resulted with him being held in contempt.

Before he left, Steel pushed for another mistrial as Thug would be without counsel for the time being as the YSL rapper stared on silently through the whole ordeal.

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