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3 People Shot On Lil Baby Music Video Set, Gunshots Captured On Camera

Source: TMZ


Lil Baby's planned music video in Atlanta sounded like a war zone after flurries of shots were fired in the area -- and TMZ Hip Hop's obtained video of the ear-shattering scene!!!

The video unfolds with dozens of staffers and people setting up filming equipment Tuesday afternoon when the shooting began from what sounds like a semi-automatic weapon firing relentlessly for about 6 seconds.

Naturally, the cameraman ducks for cover and the video gets shaky as he points the lens toward the ground, but the background conversation fills in a bit of the story's blanks.

A group of men apparently were pretending to film a music video or content of their own nearby, and fired shots from a white car before they sped off.

Someone off camera can be heard commending them for the deceit, claiming the gunmen "played it smooth."

More gunshots can be heard blasting not too long after the initial shooting but someone advises the man to put his firearm away ... the assailants were long gone, and he was wasting bullets shooting at no one.

APD sources tell TMZ Hip Hop they responded to reports of shots fired in the shopping district of Verbena Street in NW ATL and discovered a 24-year-old male with an apparent gunshot wound to the arm and a 27-year-old male with an apparent gunshot wound to the back.

Police say they also located a 23-year-old male, who transported himself to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck.

All of them reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries and Baby was also reported to be unharmed.

Chasity Roman of Slapping Tacos ATL, a local business owner, captured the 4PF rapper arriving on the scene shortly before the chaos unleashed.

Indie blogger Dre Hova documented scenes of the aftermath ... Lil Baby was apparently yelling for his team to get on the move and it appears at least one SUV had its window shot out.

We're told investigators are still investigating any possible reason behind the shooting.

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