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Album Review: Benny the Butcher & Harry Fraud - The Plugs I Met 2

Written By: Mike Double G


Benny the Butcher & Harry Fraud - The Plugs I Met 2

Grade = 89% or 4 ⭐️

Track List

  1. When Tony Met Sosa ✅

  2. Overall (Feat. Chinx) ⭐️

  3. Plug Talk (Feat. 2 Chainz) ✅

  4. Live by It ⭐️

  5. Talkin’ Back (Feat. Fat Joe) ❌

  6. No Instructions ✅

  7. Longevity (Feat. French Montana & Jim Jones) ⭐️

  8. Survivor’s Remorse (Feat. Rick Hyde) ✅

  9. Thanksgiving ⭐️

One of the best rappers in the game teams up with one of the best producers on this project. Benny The Butcher released The Plugs I Met back in 2019 and it was was a classic. Fans wanted wanted more and they got it with this second installment. The features on the first project included ex drug dealers in the rap game. A couple more popular artist would be Pusha T and Jadakiss. On this project Benny the Butcher meets a few new “Plugs”. The features on this project include, 2 Chainz, Fat Joe, French Montana, Jim Jones, BSF member Rick Hyde, and the late Chinx. All of whom are self proclaimed drug dealers.

Back in October Benny the Butcher released Burden of Proof. A LP that was solely produced by Hit-Boy. On this project he uses the same formula by sticking with one producer for the entire project. This time it’s Harry Fraud. Fraud became mainstream by producing Shot Caller by French Montana. From 2011-2012 it was one of the most added songs on urban contemporary radio. This was when French was at his best and the coke boy movement was big. Harry Fraud has been on a particularly good run this past year. Some of his best work came with Curren$y on The Out Runners, The Directors Cut, and Bonus Footage. Most recently he released The Fraud Department with Jim Jones. A project which seemed impossible because of the well known beef between French Montana and Jim Jones. The project happened after French and Jim squashed there beef. On TPIM2 we even get a collaboration which includes both artist on Longevity. One of the better songs on this project.

Burden of Proof got very good ratings from everyone including myself. If there was a flaw it would have to be that true Griselda fans were worried that Benny was getting a little too radio friendly. While I’d have to agree I believe Benny is a true artist that is diverse enough to dabble in different lanes. With this project Benny did not disappointment his day one fans. The Butcher got back on his gritty New York street rap and delivered one of his best projects to date.

The content was that traditional drug talk that he became famous for. There are also lot of new collaborations which we’ve never heard before. Teaming up with people you have good chemistry with is usually a good idea but at sometimes it could become tiresome. My favorite track is Overall with the late Chinx. Benny delivers two of his best verses on that song while Chinx has a great hook plus 12 bars of his own. The features are good but Benny also shows he’s capable of shining on his own on tracks like Live by It and Thanksgiving. Lyrically this is one of Benny’s best projects. It would be hard to find a verse or maybe even a single bar where he missed.

There aren’t many negative to say about this project. However, I would like to see Benny work on some of the hooks. On a song like Talkin’ Back the hook is a little too simple. I feel he is talented enough artist to give us the whole package and we’ve seen it before. He had a great hooks on songs like Timeless and Rubber Bands & Weight. Another negative would be that the project is too short. I was expecting that because Fraud’s projects are rarely longer than 30 minutes. Plus Benny did just drop a LP in October. I’m sure we’ll get something else by the end of the calendar year.

While this project may not appeal to the masses like Burden of Proof I think this is just as good of a project. Something that the true Griselda fans we’ll love. I’d give a slight edge to Burden of Proof simply because it was a full length album. Going into this project I was hoping it was as good as the first TPIM and surprisingly it was even better. This is a 4 star project from Benny the Butcher and Harry Fraud. Fraud has been nothing up consistent lately. I believe that is because he only works with artist he genuinely wants to work with. It’s more about the music than the money to him. As far as Benny goes, he needs to keep he giving Griselda fans these kind of projects in between the more radio friendly music. If he does that he will become an even bigger superstar with out ever getting the labeled a Sell Out. Job well done by both these guys.

Best Song = Overall (Feat. Chinx)

Download: The Plug I Met 2

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