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Album Review: Drake - Scary Hours 2

Written By: Mike Double G


Drake - Scary Hours 2

  1. What’s Next ✅

  2. Wants and Needs (Feat. Lil Baby) ⭐️

  3. Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Feat. Rick Ross) ✅

On March 5th Drake released his first official project since he released Dark Lane Demo Tapes in May of 2020. Many listeners have been waiting for his next LP titled Certified Lover Boy but once again this album was pushed back. Scary Hours 2 is only a 3 song EP but if this is a preview to the LP than Drake is going to add another classic LP to his catalog.

The first song on this EP is What’s Next. This is the only song where we see Drake by himself. This is the typical Drake song where Drake is talking his shit. While he states that he is a boss in the rap game he is still a regular guy. The chorus goes:

Well, summer, all I did was rest, okay? And New Year's, all I did was stretch, okay? And Valentine's Day, I had sex, okay? We'll see what's 'bout to happen next.

To me this sounds like Drake is possibly responding to the many questions he is often asked. While many fans look up to an artist of Drakes caliber like a Superman he is still a regular guy at the end of the day just like any one else. While money can take you to another level your still doing to do the typical things that normal people enjoy.

Later in the song he also pays gratitude to Lil Wayne saying “Weezy had handled it off, I still got no fumbles.” Drake became main stream right at the peak of Lil Wayne’s prime. With respect to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, Drake has been arguably the best rapper in the game ever since becoming relevant in 2008. He was definitely the best rapper in the 2010 decade. Since the song has no features this became the single for this project and a music video was also released.

The next song is Wants and Needs featuring Lil Baby. This is my favorite song on the project. Back in 2018 Drake did Yes Indeed with Lil Baby. This was originally a Drake song that he gave to Lil Baby as his single to Baby’s first LP Harder Than Ever. This put Lil Baby on the map the same way the Versace (Remix) put the Migos on the map. It should be noted that the Migos and Lil Baby are both Quality Control artist. City Girls (another QC artist) also became relevant that year by being featured on Drake’s single In My Feelings. (I hope Coach K and Pee are cutting Drake a big check for that).

The Breakfast Club had a debate on whether at this point of his career Drake needed a Lil Baby feature. I don’t think Drake NEEDS a feature from any one but there would be no better time to put Lil Baby on a track since he is the hottest rapper in the game. While tracks like Never Recover and the Life Is Good remix we’re both great songs I think Lil Baby topped himself on this track. He gave Drake one of his best verses to date so Drake should consider himself paid in full.

On the song itself Drake is on a whole different cadence to start the song. In the first verse he is in a different pocket which sets the tone for the song then he settles back into his trademark flow before the hook drops. While Drake does his thing on his verse and the hook but the best part of the song is Lil Baby’s verse. Baby comes in with an aggressive flow that picks up the pace from bar to bar. He really spazzes out on the beat. When someone says “Wow he killed that” this is exactly what they mean. While the delivery and flow are on point Baby also says some fly shit. One of favorite parts is when he says:

This gun ain't gon' jam, when I blow, I ain't missin' I'm droppin' hit after hit, I'm just chillin' But I'll send a hit while I chill with my children..... I lost a Ferrari, Las Vegas, Nevada I woke up the followin' day and went harder.

The third song is Lemon Pepper Freestyle featuring Rick Ross. While Rick Ross is consistent and has one of the best flows in the game I really felt bad that he had to come on right after Lil Baby’s verse in the track before. Rick Ross is almost always going to hold his own but that Baby verse was just on another level. That’s not to say Ross had a weak verse I just would have put this song before Wants and Needs because the song as a whole is hard to follow up.

With all that being said, this song makes the EP 3 for 3. This song probably won’t get much radio play simply because it is longer than 6 minutes but this is where Drake raps his best. After Ross lays his verse Drake drops his verse which last about 4 minutes. After hearing this song i understood why he saved this song for last. It make sense to finish up the EP with his best rapping.

This is Drake back on his money talk. While many find it tiresome, no one does it better. At least Drake has the money he raps about. Most rappers brag about being rich when they don’t have seven figures in there bank account. Most are lucky if there net worth is seven. Drake also gets personal in this verse by talking about his son. While getting somewhat personal he still keeps that content fresh by spitting bars like:

I sent her the child support, she sent me the heart emoji. They all say they love me, but they hardly know me. Yeah, dropped him off at school, big day for my lil' man. Recess hits, daddy prolly made another M. School bell rings and I'm out there to get him again. Yeah, teacher-parent meetings, wives get googly-eyed. Regardless of what they husbands do to provide. Askin' if I know Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj...of course.

While we all are patiently waiting for Certified Lover Boy this was a nice appetizer for the time being. I wouldn’t be mad if any of these songs made the album because they are album worthy. The more new music the better so throwing these tracks at the end of the album as bonus tracks would work. In 2018 he dropped God’s Plan on the first Scary Hours EP then also put it in the Scorpion album. The other song on Scary Hours was Diplomatic Immunity which didn’t make the Scorpion album. I think there’s a good possibility that all three of these songs make the album and don’t be surprised if you see Laugh Now, Cry Later (Feat. Lil Durk) on the LP as well.

Best Song: Wants and Needs (Feat. Lil Baby)

Download: ScaryHours2

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