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Album Review: Lil Durk - The Voice (Deluxe)

Written By: Mike Double G


Lil Durk - The Voice (Deluxe)

Grade = 82% or 4 ⭐️

Deluxe Tracks = 83%

  1. Intro ✅

  2. Finesse out the Gang Way (Feat. Lil Baby) ⭐️

  3. Switched Up ✅

  4. Let Em Know ⭐️

  5. Should’ve Ducked (Feat. Pooh Shiesty) ⭐️

  6. When I’m Lonely ✅

  7. Every Freakin’ Day ❌

  8. Love You (Feat. Sydny August) ✅

  9. I Don’t Know ❌

  10. Movement ⭐️

  11. Last Minute ✅

  12. Kanye Krazy ✅

Original Tracks = 81%

  1. Redman ⭐️

  2. Refugee ⭐️

  3. Death Ain’t Easy ✅

  4. The Voice ⭐️

  5. Backdoor ⭐️

  6. Still Trappin’ (Lil Durk & King Von) ⭐️

  7. Stay Down (Lil Durk, 6LACK, & Young Thug) ⭐️

  8. Free Jamell (Lil Durk & YNW Melly) ⭐️

  9. Misunderstood ❌

  10. Not the Same ✅

  11. India, Pt. 3 ✅

  12. Coming Clean ❌

  13. Going Strong ❌

  14. Changes ✅

  15. Lamborghini Mirrors (Feat. Booka600) ✅

  16. To Be Honest ✅

Just 5 weeks after releasing The Voice, Lil Durk drops the deluxe version with 12 more tracks to add to his most personal project to date. On November 6th Lil Durk lost a close friend and his best artist on his OTF label in King Von. A fued broke out between King Von’s entourage and the entourage of NBA YoungBoy's artist Quando Rondo. It happened outside of an Atlanta nightclub and Von was gunned down. This came just days after Von released his first top 5 album Welcome to O’Block. His best project to date which propelled Von into star status. As expected Lil Durk grieved by putting his feelings in his music.

Durk started working on this album before the incident happened but it is evident that many of songs were made and produced after the incident. Not only are there references to Von but King Von also made an appearance on Still Trappin. The best song of the entire project. It’s your typical hard hitting Chicago drill song that you would expect from from a Von and Durkio collaboration.

The project is not loaded with features but there is still just enough star power. We see features from 6LACK and Young Thug on Stay Down and although still in prison we get a guest appearance from YNW Melly on Free Jamell. Both two of the better songs on the album. On the deluxe addition Durk inserts the cheat code by putting Lil Baby on Finesse out the Gang Way. Last time Durk and Lil Baby Collaborated was on 3 Headed Goat (Feat. Polo G). That was on Lil Durk’s last project Just Cause Y’all Waited 2. I don’t think this song is as good but it will still be a fan favorite. We also see Pooh Shiesty who is an up and coming rapper from Memphis signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 label. Pooh is featured on Should’ve Ducked which is also on the deluxe version. Other than that 21 of the next 23 songs on the album is all Durk and that’s never a bad thing for an artist of his caliber.

While 28 tracks seems like a lot of music Durks tracks are often between 2:00 and 2:30 minutes so it’s a quick listen especially if your a Lil Durk fan. It’s also a quick listen because you get a little bit everything on the album. You have the personal songs about the loss of his friend (Death Ain’t Easy), hard hitting Chicago drill bangers (Should’ve Duck), and of course the typical Durkio songs that include sex (India, Pt. 3) and his drug abuse (When I’m Lonely). He even did a remake of Jodeci’s Freek’n You. It came out alright but DJ Khaled just redid that song 2 years ago so that’s one he maybe should have held on to for a bit. On some of the slower songs we do hear Durk using the autotune but for the most part we get No Auto, Durk where he’s at his best. Durk is more of a melodic rapper as apposed to lyrical but he shows he still got some bars on a song like Refugee.

In the song The Voice, Durk says “I’m Chicago’s Jay-Z”. While Polo G might be the best new/young rapper in Chicago right now I think Durk has prooved he is the voice of the streets and the king of his city. We are seeing a superstar in his prime and at his best right now. We are at a point where you can’t turn on the radio with out hearing him on a feature. That’s simply because he versatile enough to touch all demographics. Whether young or old, male or female, from Chicago or not, Durk has become an A list rapper and household name. A feature on Drake's hit Laugh Now, Cry Later certainly doesn’t hurt. With deluxe tracks included I feel this is another solid 4 ⭐️ project from Lil Durk.

Best Song = Still Trappin (Lil Durk & King Von)

Download: The Voice Deluxe

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