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Album Review: Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt - Nightmare Babies

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 73% or 3.5 ️Stars

Tracklist - 35 minutes

  1. Nightmare Stories (Feat. Kodak Black, Syko Bob, & Snapkatt) 3:23

  2. Face Down (Feat. Syko Bob) 2:26

  3. Dirt On My Boots (Feat. Syko Bob) 2:07

  4. Super Gremlin (Kodak Black) 3:21 ️

  5. Bussin’ Anyhting (Feat. Kodak Black & Syko Bob) 3:09 ️

  6. Killing The Rats (Kodak Black) 3:35 ️

  7. Halloween Bill Kill (Kodak Black) 2:18 ️

  8. Lets Step (Feat. Kodak Black, Syko Bob, & NoCap) 4:19

  9. Peggy Sue (Feat. Kodak Black & Petey Pablo) 3:32

  10. In The Field (Feat. Kodak Black, Nuely, & Yo Baby) 3:02

  11. Super Girl (Feat. Syko Bob & Ballgreezy) 3:38

Track note: Shamonni Galore has uncredited vocals on track 6 Killing The Rats.

Kodak Black has become most of the influential rappers of his generation. At only 24 years old, Kodak has been inspirational for the many young artists coming out of the state of Florida. Since entering the rap game Kodak has dealt with many legal obstacles on his way to stardom. His most recent arrest happened on March 11th, 2020 when he was detained for crossing the Canadian-American border with a Glock. He was looking at sentence anywhere between 2 and 7 years before former President Donald Trump pardoned him on January 19th, 2021. Since his release from prison Kodak has remained relevant by dropping four different projects in 2021. Those projects include Haitian Boy Kodak, Happy Birthday Kodak, and Before the Album. His latest release Nightmare Babies is under his label Sniper Gang, but he is on eight of the 11 songs and three of them are solo efforts.

As a young CEO Kodak has already had some success. His biggest artist up to this point was Jackboy. The two friends had a recent fallen out which has led Kodak to put more time into his other artists. On this project we see Sniper Gang rappers Snapkatt and particularly Syko Bob who appears on 6 of the 11 songs, two of which are solo tracks. Besides Sniper Gang we also get features from Ballgreezy, NoCap, and Petey Pablo.

This project was released on October 30th and has a Halloween theme. Some of the titles on tracks include Super Gremlin, Nightmare Stories, Killing The Rats, and Halloween Bill Kill. My favorite song of the project was “Killing The Rats”. This was the leading single for the project and is one the three solo tracks by Kodak (The song has uncredited vocals by Shamonni Galore). Snitching or being a “rat” has been a huge topic thanks to the 6ix9ine situation. The topic regained traction when 6ix9ine called out 21 Savage for not doing anything to him when they were in the same club. Savage had a record on his and Metro Boomin’s project SAVAGE MODE II. The song Snitches & Rats was clearly directed at 6ix9ine. Kodak’s song might not be a direct diss to 6ix9ine but but I could see how some of the lyrics could be taken that way. On the second verse Kodak says:

Speakin' on murderin', FaceTime audio, Fuck nigga, gotta go get 'em whacked. We're showin' no sympathy, friend or an enemy. Run in my city, we're killin' them rats.

6ix9ine is known for talking shit on FaceTime and even got into it with Kodak in 2018. Kodak replied to a fan’s comment saying 6ix9ine was better than him. Kodak said:

Ain't nobody better than me. I'm out here.

This led to 6ix9ine dropping an Instagram post that said “Kodak Black, suck my dick”. The post was later deleted. 6ix9ine went on by releasing a video saying he’s beefed with everyone in the industry and stated that no one could fuck with him because he was untouchable.

Most of the best songs on this project were solo tracks by Kodak. My first impression is that Syko Bob and Snapkatt will never get as big as Jackboy but it’s too small of a sample size. This is especially true for Snapkatt who only appeared on one song Nightmare Stories. Jackboy sounded a lot like Kodak but Syko Bob and Snapkatt do not. However, one of the reasons Jackboy got so popular was because of Kodak’s co-sign so i wouldn’t be surprised if Kodak was able to do it with another artist. Syko Bob sounded his best on Bussin Anything and I preferred Dirt On My Boot over Facedown. Sniper Gang will go as far as Kodak goes. If Kodak wants to have the same success as someone like Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, or Young Thug then the first thing he has to do is stay out of prison. Gucci Mane let Young Thug go from his label when he was in prison because he knew he couldn’t help him behind bars. At the end of the day Kodak is still a big star in the industry who will be able to put new artists on if he can stay out of trouble.

Best Song = Killing The Rats (Kodak Black)

Download: Nightmare Babies

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