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Album Review: Toosii - Thank You For Believing (The Manifestation)

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 78% or 3.5 ️

Track List - 1 hour 8 minutes

Manifestation Tracks = 80%

  1. got damn 2:25 ️

  2. what i’m on 2:54

  3. let me know (Toosii & Hotboii) 2:57

  4. same I used to be 3:32

  5. thief in the night 2:32 ️

  6. Mercedes pt.2, 2:48

  7. icky vicky 2:55

  8. dats real 2:40

  9. heart cold 2:58 ️

  10. spin music (Toosii & Fivio Foreign) 3:06 ️

Original Songs = 77%

  1. in my eyes 2:59

  2. what it cost 2:51 ️

  3. 5’5 (Feat. Latto) 2:48 ️

  4. windows down 2:25

  5. shop (Feat. DaBaby) 3:09

  6. fuck marry kill 3:50 ️

  7. be cautious 3:00

  8. end of discussion 2:26

  9. greater storm 3:16

  10. tic tic 2:42 ️

  11. rich nigga (Feat. Key Glock) 2:42 ️

  12. back together 3:12

  13. red die 3:24

When Drake dropped his first mixtape So Far Gone people saw a rapper who could rap and sing. What made him different at the time was his ability to sing with out using auto tune. He was immediately looked at as a dual artist. Drake has influenced this whole generation of new rappers. Toosii is the perfect example of this. What separates Toosii from other rappers is his singing ability. He has a very deep voice that demands to be recognized every time he’s on a track. He has the bars but his ability to come up with melodies is what has made him so successful.

Toosii grew up in Syracuse, New York before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina when he was 13 years old. This is a factor when it comes to his sound. Most people decide there favorite kind of music in there early teen years. It’s safe to say the popular rappers in upstate New York were not the same as the popular rappers from the south. This is why it’s hard to tell Toosii’s origin. The most popular rappers from upstate New York would be Griselda and Toosii doesn’t make that kind of rap music. He also doesn’t sound like a rapper from the south.

A lot of Toosii’s music talks about woman and relationships. This makes him a draw to the female audience. Most girls aren’t into gangster rap like men. One of the biggest songs on this project is 5'5 featuring Latto. You can hear plenty of rhyming from Toosii in this song but Latto actually raps more traditionally than Toosii. His style allows him to make catchy songs with a lot less words. It also makes it easier for him to make a 3 or 4 minute song. Many rappers today are making songs 2 minutes or less. When this happens these rappers get the negative label as “Tik Tok” rappers. The strategy is to get more streams but it usually doesn’t give the song much longevity. These kind of rappers are quickly forgot about.

Toosii’s melodies also make it easy for someone to remember the words to his songs after one or two listens. Rap is the most popular genre in the world and the new pop music. Most younger listeners would rather listen to that kind of music. Toosii is not the kind of a rapper who is rhyming a million different words. There is still a big audience for the wordsmiths of rap but those listeners are usually 30-40 plus. The most popular kind of rap comes from the artists who can make hooks and melodies along with the bars. Rappers like Joyner Lucas, Nas, and even Eminem have been making there music less lyrical and more catchy to appease the mass audience. Joyner Lucas’s last album ADHD had a lot more hooks and melodies rather than his traditional kind of rap which consists of straight bars. Legends like Nas and Eminem have even trimmed down some of there verses. They’ve also collaborated his younger artists that you wouldn’t expect. On Nas’s album King’s Disease he worked with Don Toliver, Lil Durk, Fivio Foreign, and A$AP Ferg. On Eminem’s album Music To Be Murdered By he worked with Don Toliver, Young M.A, and Juice WRLD.

Last year Toosii dropped two projects. His last project Poetic Pain was 56 minutes. On this project he has 6 more songs but he broke the project into two different parts. When he released the original version of this project in May he only released 13 songs. This made it for a much easier listen. Not many people want to listen to an album that’s close to a hour long. Toosii is also someone who doesn’t use many features so long projects could become tiresome. A lot of rappers we’ll dropped a deluxe album but they do it too quickly. Toosii gave his fans just enough time to soak in the original version before releasing the deluxe. By waiting 2 months to drop the deluxe it made his fans eager to hear more music rather than overwhelmed with too many songs all at once.

The deluxe version to this project was right on bar with the original version. Like the original version it had very few features. The whole 23 song project had features from only Latto, DaBaby, Key Glock, Hotboii, and Fivio Foreign. The deluxe version sounded similar the original except for the deluxe had a little more rapping on this part of the album. The one song that stood out the most was “spin music” with Fivio Foreign. On this song Toosii tapped into his New York routes by making a drill record. Toosii showed his versatility on this song and proved he could make a good record by rapping and not singing. The Brooklyn drill sound is the fastest growing sound in the rap right now and Fivio Foreign is arguably the best Brooklyn drill rapper since Pop Smoke’s passing. This record should allow Toosii to tap into another audience and appease his male audience.

Overall this was a solid project. Toosii was able to carry the mixtape with few features which allowed you to get familiar with his sound. Now that he has more popular I’d like to see him collaborate with more artists next time around. He did the right thing by breaking the project into two parts but there were still times when some of these songs sounded the same. Adding a few more features will help with that. He was able to make a few songs for his male audience but his strength is still with the ladies. I gave this mixtape a final grade of 78% or 3.5 stars.

Best Song = fuck marry kill

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