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"Anything Can Happen" When You Practice Social Distancing With The Academics


While practicing social distancing is crucial right now we forget about the love ones dealing with long distance relationships. Reining in from Ireland comes a new sensation called The Academics. The group used this quarantine time to create a fun loving anthem called Anything Can Happen. This is exactly the type of music to help endure during lockdown. Lead singer Craig Fitzgerald had to say:

Anything Could Happen’ is a rallying cry to the people in our lives who find themselves stuck in cycles of mundanity and monotony. We hope it inspires people to be kind to themselves and take control of their futures.” With lyrics about those who are “saving all your feelings for Saturday night” and going on benders of the emotional kind, it’s a song about personal growth, friendship and accepting that nobody is perfect. In many ways, it’s the perfect balm for these strange times.

Video messaging is about the only way for many to stay connected. Capturing the essence of couples surviving the lockdown around the world are directors Hope Kemp and Ronan Corrigan. On the production side comes acoustic guitar and non stop riffs and rhythm, taking the lead is produced ex-Kaiser Chief, Nick Hodgson. Take a look at the official video below.

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