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Austin Fillmore Touches On Heartbreak In "U Lie I Cry"


Austin Fillmore will get you to think and you will love him. Austin teamed up with producer Remy Prosper in the new single U Lie I Cry to create an anthem which the listener can't help but vibe to at home. The unique music video detailing the events that led to heartbreak. Against the idea of hyper-masculinity, he created the movement #ThinkLessFeelMore to urge his fans to submit to their emotions and to feel everything they need to feel. U Lie I Cry bodes well for his movement as he succumbs to emotional pain and introspection.

As seen in A Taste of, Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator, and Chicago's Kiss FM, Austin has earned his rank in the industry. He has recently graced some of the Midwest's biggest stages, including the North Coast Music Festival and countless other local staples! His performance on Chicago's #1 Morning Show The Jam has marked Austin as a star on the rise in Chicago and beyond. Remy prides himself on being able to produce and compose for any music style. This ability landed him music placements on hit shows such as Netflix's Grand Army and the CW's Black Lightning. Stay tuned for more empowerment from Austin and watch the official video below.

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