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Behind The Lens: A-Zal


How did your journey in music begin, and what inspired you to pursue a career in the industry?

I grew up immersed in British pop culture while living in Hounslow, London. My musical journey began at Hounslow Heath School, where I discovered my passion for music through the school's music program. I learned to play the mouth organ and guitar, starting to write songs at the age of 11.

Can you tell us about your musical style and the genres that influence your work?

I moved to the USA in 2018 and wrote soundtracks for several tv series and film projects. I collaborated with major film studios like Marvel Studios, CBS Network, and Netflix. My soundtracks have been showcased in numerous television series and movies, including fan favorites like Ms. Marvel, Loki, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Twilight Zone, and Resort To Love. Finally, it was time to tell my own story through my own song, and that’s when I decided to come up with my pop album. Pop music has influenced me right from childhood and I’ve admired generations of popstars from Michael Jackson, Madonna to Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

What's the story behind your latest release, and what message or emotion are you trying to convey through your music?

Phonebook is a light hearted quirky song on modern online dating. In creating "Phonebook", I wanted to infuse the song with a groovy vibe reminiscent of Ed Sheeran's hit single "Shape of You". Opting for acoustic instruments over synth-based treatments, I recorded percussive guitars to create a dynamic and captivating soundscape that perfectly complements the song's playful energy.

How do you approach the songwriting process? Do you have a specific method or routine?

I never follow a template when it comes to songwriting. Every song is different. Although most of my songs, I write on a guitar. However, sometimes I just feel like writing a song on a beat or just piano. It is different every single time. I usually like to crack the title of the song first which allows me to narrate the story around the title and infuse real elements from my life into the song.

What challenges have you faced as an emerging artist, and how have you overcome them?

An emerging artist faces challenges at different levels. It is not just restricted to creative challenges, but involves much more. Being an independent artist, I have to manage everything on the creative front which includes songwriting, production, mix, recording, music video, shoots, editing etc. And besides this, I also have to manage the release and promoting my music. It is just non-stop!

Are there any artists or bands that have had a significant impact on your musical journey?

Ed Sheeran has had a huge impact on my journey. His songwriting really inspired me to tell my true story to the world through my songs.

How do you stay creative and inspired when working on new music?

This just comes naturally to me. Just the fact that I’m lucky enough to be doing what I love every single day of my life is an inspiration in itself. I really don’t need any other driving factor to stay creative and inspired. My friends always tell me that they feel I’m super lucky to have such a strong passion and I’m following it too. It’s a blessing!

Can you share a memorable moment or highlight from your career so far?

There have been many of them. But, one massive moment for me was when my debut single Movie Script charted in USA radio and was in the TOP 40 Activator Charts. I heard my song playing on radio alongside some of my favorite artists like Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus and Olivia Rodrigo. I could hardly believe this was happening! It was such a surreal moment that I’d always treasure.

In what ways do you use social media and online platforms to connect with your audience?

I’m active on all social media platform and my connection with the audience is quite different on each platform. TikTok is a place where I post the unmanaged side of me as an artist. Where as Instagram have more of my music fans and I like to showcase all that is happening on my music front. Social media is such a big asset to have as an artist today and it allows me to connect so deeply with my audience. My TikTok followers love one thing about me - I write personalized songs for my top followers and any of their comments that make my day, I respond with a song with their name in it. It’s my way of thanking them for their unconditional support.

What one inspirational quote or mantra you believe in and where can people connect with you?

My only mantra is - “Do it as if your life depends on it” . I do music each day as if everything depends on it. This mantra has really been the biggest driving factor for me. Everything is transient, but this mantra is my constant and if I ever become a big singer, it will be purely because I followed this mantra every single day of my life. 

TikTok and Instagram are the best places to connect with me! I always respond to every single follower.

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