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Behind The Lens: CasinoATX


What’s one thing the next generation needs to know?

I'd just tell this generation to not discredit the people who came before them and blazed paths and made trails. I feel a lot of times the new generation overlook the accomplishments made by people before them, who may not have a strong internet presence. Other than that I applaud this new generation. They have opened a ton of lanes on how to amass a large fan base without using the labels, or the larger music business machine.

What would you want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do for you?

A.I. scares the shit out of me. I don't know if I'd want A.I. doing anything specifically for me. There are places in society, and industry where very very low level A.I. could be useful, but the way it's being developed currently it's poised to take away a ton of jobs from people, And could potentially one day evolve past our ability to control. That's what's scary to me.

How would you describe the sound for this decade?

If we're talking about the 2010's, that was the decade of the producers. Rap/Hip-Hop production hit heights that were only dreamed of. Only your upper echelon producers got known so well globally. By 2013-2014 you had a huge amount of producers making some big names for themselves, by utilizing SoundCloud, beat sites, or their own personal websites. By 2017 to today, Rap fans would get excited just hearing certain producers tags at the beginning of songs. That alone would make people tune in, and check a song out. The 2020s are shaping up to be the decade of the female rappers, and the over normalization of digitized vocals. I'm not saying auto tune either. I'm saying so much music now is perfectly pitched through digital production methods, you almost have to completely digitize vocals for them to fit well onto a music production these days. This is why a lot of singing sounds so similar and digitized.

Which producer, artist, or visual designer is catching your attention and you would like to work with?

I'm looking to spend the next year expanding out of Texas as much as possible. There's a guy out of Los Angeles I met touring the other year named Viva Mescal I'd like to work with. Dope style, and he's a great performer. As far as Producers go I'd like to work more with Beatz Era, DJ Flippp and 808 Kartel. I did a bunch of work with both of them on my EP The Red Cup Chronicles. Then of course my crew RawWitDaDaw.

Pick one and why: Restaurant, Diner, or Homemade.

Lindy's Restaurant - It's more like a diner, and has awesome Breakfast! I recommended the stuffed hash browns.

What spot do you love to eat at in your city?

Shell Shack, great seafood and Cajun boils. Firewheel Wildwood, I haven't had anything bad there yet, and I've been for lunch, dinner, and brunch. Seems like they have a special every day of the week.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride is what keeps me trying to elevate and to become greater. It's also what makes me take my craft so seriously. I take pride in my work. No matter what it is I'm doing. I wanna do it well, and be recognized as someone who does it well.

What does Juneteenth mean to you?

It's black Americans 4th of July! At least black people in the south, where slavery was still being practiced. It's the true celebration of our emancipation.

Describe the people from your inner circle.

My team is one of a kind, and eclectic. We have some old heads, some youngsters, techies, weed heads, you name it. All of them are extremely smart in their own ways, and bring that to their music. This makes us a powerhouse that could blow at any time. Just working towards the right move or lick, that will push us into the stratosphere.

Are you ready for summer? Any upcoming heat for fans, and where can people connect with you? I've definitely been ready for this summer, and have been making some solid business moves. I inked some good deals doing commercials and jingles for a few different businesses. I dropped my album The Kush Doctor in April, and I'm planning on dropping several more videos to songs from that album this summer and through the fall! I'm super easy to find. I'm on all streaming services as CasinoATX. Literally just Google me, and it will lead you to all my music and video sites. Also check out my production crew, and song-writers at

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