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Behind The Lens: Didda Joe


Do You Participate In Sport Betting? Did You Make Money Off The Super Bowl?

No, I typically don’t gamble I’m more of a make money don’t risk money kinda person.

What Sport Do You Like The Most & Who Is Your Favorite Team/Player?

I don’t keep up with sports as much but when I do it’s basketball. I’m a lakers fan for sure.

Is Your Music Generally About One Person, Yourself, or Relatable? What Perspective Do You Write In (1st or 3rd Person)?

My music comes from all those places, it’s my story in creative form and at times a letter to those I feel like I could only send out through the music. I always find people relate to something I’ve shared so I like to let the fans gravitate to the songs that register the most with their personal experiences.

Does Your Artistry Come From Heartbreak Or A Quest For Love?

Both actually! I’m a big hopeless romantic so I’m always sharing my heartbreak and sometimes it’s just a reflection on how I see love in the world, or the type of love I desire myself.

What’s Your Most Favorite Article Of Clothing/Accessories/or Electronic Which You Own? Not sure if this counts but for me it’s my guitar! I always felt like it’s a big part of me so I keep an pic with me whenever possible.

If You Could Tell Your 15 Year Old Self Something What Would It Be?

I’d tell myself believe in yourself no matter what, always use your head and take risks. Never stop being good to people cause you never know who you’re surrounded by. To always keep the dreamer inside you alive!

Do You See World War 3 In The Near Future?

I believe anything is possible. We live in this crazy world especially right now so you gotta stay ready for anything.

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Artists?

Prince, MJ, D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild, Jimi Hendrix

What's Something You’re Willing Or Already Given Up For The Music Industry & Where Can People Connect With You At? I’ve already given up alot of time lol. In this industry it’s a journey and you give a lot of energy to it, but I believe the energy and effort you put in comes back to you in whichever way you give it. Anywhere you want to find me just look for Didda Joe, I’m not hard to find for anyone who’s lookin’ haha.

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