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Behind The Lens: G Smith


What’s one thing the next generation needs to know?

Find balance between time and money.

What would you want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do for you?

Run the kitchen so I can focus more on music!

How would you describe the sound for this decade?

While some unique sounds have gotten through, it’s mostly repetitive on the mainstream side, but highly entertaining. Full high energy vocals and lots of low bass, and amazing sound quality. I would love to see more diversity at the top in all genres.

Which producer, artist, or visual designer is catching your attention and you would like

to work with?

I would like to work with Raw wit the Daw producer wise, Kydd jones on a track. There’s plenty more, but he's at the top of my list.

Pick one and why: Restaurant, Diner, or Homemade?

Homemade, the restaurant is filled with workers. Maybe 2 out 6 will make your food with that same feel you get from a home cooked meal.

What spot do you love to eat at in your city?

Yanagi, the consistency of the food is always on point. I like sushi and they have some of the illest rolls.

What does Pride mean to you?

Having enough confidence to not be rattled by any attacks against you or your character.

What does Juneteenth mean to you?

It symbolizes another time in history where black people won against all odds. We still deal with different types of systems and traps designed to keep us in line. This day is a reminder of what we have overcome.

Describe the people from your inner circle.

Positive vibes only. I don't dwell in places of negativity. Everyone is trying to better themselves. Reaching for the highest level of success in their fields (You don/t have to be in the music industry).

Are you ready for summer? Any upcoming heat for fans, and where can people connect

with you?

I'm ready for winter. Yes, I just want to say Help is on the way! I got something

dropping late September of this year. With another round of dope ATX artists. You can find me at: @gsmiths on instagram. is mywebsite it will take you everywhere as far music and videos. g_smith85 on tik tok. G-smith on facebook hit the like button.

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