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Behind The Lens: Geno Pacino (Part Trois)


How do you handle the toxic people on social media?

I handled them by just trying to stay out of the way as much as possible. I try to not react to what people say on social media. The feedback and buzz I get for my music is overwhelmingly positive so when I get the negative feedback or attention I just focus more on improving my craft. And taking away what things I can work on. To be honest a lot of your critics aren't objective. Whether they like what you do is just based off on who presents it to them not whether it's good or bad unfortunately. Everyone wants to be seen. And they want to like what everyone else does. Be careful who you take advice from.

What holiday in your lifetime has been most memorable to you?

I would have to say Christmas. Not one year but every year. The reason I say Christmas is because it's all about giving and I have always been a person who gives. Sometimes I don't receive the same love, gifts, or kindness I give to people. But my spirit is all about looking out and showing love.

Describe the emotion your music brings in one word and why?

Triumph, is the emotion you feel when you hear my music. You hear the joy and confidence in my voice. You hear someone successfully getting his emotions out which is a victory within itself. I bring tons of duality to my work and you hear it with how varied the subjects are that I talk about. Every time you listen to me you are taking a walk through a place I been or a chapter in my life. You can hear the joy in my voice that I have even been able to get this out to the world.

How do you or your music show support to the LGBTQ+ community?

That's actually a great question. I like to think my music supports the LGBTQ community because it's all inclusive. I touch on subject matters we can all relate too. But I have never created something to directly address the LGBTQ community. I think my song "Tears Of Joy" would be something they can really relate to because it's a song about mental health awareness and struggling with confidence. Some people who are really ignorant ostracize that community so I think it's something relatable.

Who is your current biggest influence?

Myself I'm not trying to be like any of these other rappers. If anything I'm trying to be better. The only way I can do that is to focus on improving myself and making my words and influence something monumental. I want to be the first me Geno Pacino in this industry. The one and only and something unique.

What is your ideal venue to perform in (Stadium, Club, Festival, Live Stream From Home) Where in the world do you want to perform next?

Madison Square Garden no question about it and I would love to perform at Rolling Loud next it's a really good look. Country wise I would love to do something in London or Amsterdam.

How would you describe your apparel or style?

Unique, anytime you see me I pair some of my Geno Pacino gear with a dope outfit or Jacket. I have always been a fashion head and I think it shows how I dress.

How would you describe your current genre and what other genres would you like to collaborate with?

If I had to simplify it describing my style I would say it's hard-core hip hop. I play around with a little of everything though you hear a lil boom bap in me a little trap, gangsta It's nothing I'm not willing to get into as long as it fits creatively.

What TV shows are you a huge fan of and why?

Right now I'm watching the new season of Atlanta, Moon Knight, The Witcher, and I checked out this show called Ultimatum on Netflix. I like a lot of Comedy movies, horror and I'm a huge fan of the Marvel & DC Movies. I thought that new Batman was dope.

Do you have any exclusive records you can release with CEL and where can people connect with you?

Yeah I'm always cooking up something new I have a few unreleased records we can do a exclusive feature on when I'm ready. Ally my social media links I will tag below. And I'm really out here making moves if you looking for Geno Pacino I'm not hard too find. Pacino Season Continues as always.

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