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Behind The Lens: HuFlo$$y


What’s the origin behind your name? Where are you from?

The Origin behind my name is actually quite simple. So I was born and raised in Canarsie Brooklyn. And for those who aren’t aware Canarsie is nicknamed “The Floss” or “The Flossy”. The two names are interchangeable. So as a tribute to my neighborhood I combined that with my given name which is Hussain and created HuFlo$$y. The dollar signs were thrown in there to be unique and creative as well.

What moment in hip hop has stood out to you the most?

The Moment in hip hop that stood out to me the most was Lil Wayne’s ascendance to the top of hip hop and music glory. And his ability to manifest that into the Young Money Label and the success that the artists he signed and had long after his reign of dominance. I Idolized Wayne growing up and spent many of my formidable years in school rapping to his lyrics and attempting to master his flow and vocal tone.

If you weren’t doing hip hop what would you be doing ?

If I wasn’t in hip hop I would easily be spending all my time, money, and effort in Real Estate development and investment. It’s an area I’m very familiar with due to my educational background. In 2019 I actually earned my bachelor’s degree in Finance with a minor in Commercial Real Estate.

If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

If I could work with anyone in the industry it would be Pierre Bourne, I love his beats as a producer and as an artist his melodies and lyrics really resonate with me. I would also love to work with PARTYNEXTDOOR, his songwriting ability is exceptional, he's super talented and I think being around him would inspire me and push me to develop into an even better artist and songwriter.

What is your creative process? Do you write or freestyle your rhymes?

My creative process depends on what I’m trying to do on a track. I usually make songs based off of ideas, concepts or moods that I have toying with in my head for some time. I usually would go and search for beats that would fit that perspective theme/concept and start writing from that standpoint. At times I might write a layered 16 bar verse first then try and find a beat that would help me expand the vibe then work on a hook and finish the rest of the song from there.

I tend to freestyle for my more aggressive rap braggadocious, punchline heavy tracks. Because I feel like those can’t really be too calculated. You need to let the moment be the dictator for what you’re going to say. I think that’s more organic and your listeners will feed off of that energy. But for the most part I’m a pen to paper song maker and I enjoy writing and crafting lyrics and songs from the ground up. But switching it up and freestyling a few lines or quick one off tracks here and there helps to free up creative thinking space and push yourself to be a versatile artist. It’s all about building confidence and skill level.

What do you have going on right now? (Merch, Music, Events, Collabs, etc)

Currently Coronavirus has myself and the rest of the Flossy Records team indoors staying safe and healthy. But I’ve been really working on pushing myself to create the best content that I can make while being mostly indoors these last few months. I’m actually working on a debut project. The project will be coming out sometime next summer. I also have two singles with music videos on the way and I’m hoping we can get those out before the year ends.

Additionally, I have collabs that are being finalized with some up and coming Maryland and Brooklyn artists. And as far as upcoming merch, the “From The Floss, To The World” hoodie that people have been asking for that I wore in the Delran Freestyle video will be made available for purchase this winter as well.

What’s one thing you wish someone told you about the music industry which would have drastically changed your career?

One thing I wish someone would have told me about the music industry that could have changed my career drastically is marketing to finding your own audience and target marketing.

Superhero or Villain?

Both superhero and villain. I’m comfortable being or supporting both roles. They are essentially the same role because regardless of whether you’re a SuperHero or Villain, you’re still serving as the leader or main catalyst for either side of the coin.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself as one of the biggest artists in hip hop. Performing for large music festivals, touring North America and making platinum selling records as well.

Where can people connect with you?

People can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter: @huflossy. Also they can follow my label for additional content on Instagram as well @flossyrecordsthelabel

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